I have a flat experience of the world.

Our phones, televisions, cameras and their flickering images go faster and faster to make us perceive as much as we can of an overwhelming reality.Within these rectangular frames things behave as if in a theatre setting, as if on a stage. Seeing the world through that lens means, flattening space and questioning how to relate to all the signs and signals that surround us. Within this framework my gaze focusses on large planes of colour that appear everywhere around me. In my work I highlight what for me stands out in our contemporary information overload.

A repetitive stripe of red and white, means: Attention! Be careful! Watch out! Danger! Everything is getting bigger, expanding, blowing up, under construction, sites are full of signals that guide and alarm us, visually and physically. These signs catch our attention through shape, colour and repetitiveness, – elements that transmit a certain meaning. With my work I offer different frameworks regarding assumptions about these ubiquities sensory experiences.

Using a diverse range of media: video, sculpture, installation and photography, I question the meaning and use of painting. Looking at the world through the lens of a painter my work offers a rudimentary way of looking at the overwhelming  reality we live in. I create constructed settings, regarding visual signs that are on the boundaries of recognition and alienation that are primary in its experience. They show new and existing collective associations, interpretations, that stand out in the mass of information and become specific.

Cindy Bakker, 2018